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Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung iphone other Qi enable device

  • Color: Black
  • Package: Neutral
  • compatible: Qi Enable phones
  • OEM/ODM : Available
  • Keywords: Wireless charging car phone mount

1. 10W Double Coils design with high efficiency charging,(Note: Fast Charger need to work with a QC2.0 or above adaptor). 2 Coils Wireless device offers much wider charging range, which will more effectively cover the wireless charging area for full directional performance and charges your phone vertically or horizontally without the need for alignment exactly. When charging and answering a call without needing to disconnect.

2. Sleep-friendly, sleep safe without worry about the charging time of the phone. Safe and smart charging. Built-in smart chip, prevent overcharging, over-discharge, over-current , short circuit.

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