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Uses Of Qi Wireless Charger Now or In The Coming Days

in Hotels

Eliminating charging cables to improve the hotel experience

Qi in hotels can personalize the in-room experience, simplify the check-in/out policy and integrate the best features of a smartphone into the guest room systems. For example, a phone placed on a hotel guest room charge spot can instantly stream favorite photos to a bedside digital picture frame for a home-away-from-home experience. With Qi, phones are always charged so they can stream video and music to the room’s TV and music system, link to the HVAC systems, or connect with room service. Phones can even position an articulating bed or adjustable desk to your memorized settings. The technology eliminates the need to constantly update corded connections or in-room charging devices.

Business managers and owners can use Qi to reach a wide audience. More than 50 million consumers already have Qi-enabled devices, providing a lucrative install base. Additionally, wireless charging provides a personalized experience that will drive customer loyalty. New technology rollout will position your business as an innovative leader.

Aside from the customer retention benefits of installing wireless charging, there are additional opportunities for potential data capture that could lead to better CRM. Hoteliers will be able to capture personalized data, from guests that choose to provide such data, about the type of food they ordered from room service, what temperature they set the room at and other factors that will allow hotel owners to better understand and help their guests in the future.

at restaurants

Grab a charge while you grab a bite with Qi wireless power

Consumers today have many restaurant options. And in our tech-savvy society, they want venues that can keep up with the latest advances. Wireless charging gives restaurants a dash of something extra that may lead consumers to choose one restaurant over another.

Beyond wireless charging, Qi creates new dining experiences at restaurants including at-table ordering, payment and loyalty programs. Some of the world’s leading food venues are already implementing wireless charging to create new marketing opportunities returning patrons.

Qi provides valuable customer information including how long patrons stayed at the table, what they ordered as well as other features that will further develop and enhance their experiences for future visits.

For restaurateurs, Qi charging and related services help streamline operational efficiencies. For example, customers can order prior to arriving, pay and have their meal ready when they arrive. Ordering, service requests and point-of-sale activities are automated. Guests can use chargers with built-in touchscreens to order, look at ingredients and other dietary information, pay and provide feedback.

in automobiles

Charge up your driving experience with Qi

Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth has already proven its value in automobiles and established itself as the accepted standard. With wireless charging, the final physical connection between smartphones and cars has been eliminated.

Imagine your phone adapting to the location in which it is charging: A phone placed in a car charging spot will, via NFC, respond to the user’s program and start streaming music, GPS, contact data, and whatever else the user wants available in the car. This charging spot will protect the phone and provide a safe user-interface via voice-command, steering wheel controls or the car’s touch controls.  While these features are possible now, auto manufacturers do not make them available because they would prematurely drain the phone’s battery. Qi is the essential element needed to bring the utility of a smartphone into the car.

Following a three-year study, the CE4A committee chose Qi as the recommended wireless charging standard for automobiles. This committee, which includes Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, and Volkswagen, determined that Qi is the most effective, safe and useful standard. By next year, nearly 80 percent of world's auto manufacturers will offer Qi in at least some of their models.

on smart phones

Dial up the convenience of wireless charging

Mobile phone customers are asking for wireless charging. According to IHS Research, 83% of smartphone users are interested in wireless power, and according to industry news sites like Droid Life,consumers want wireless charging and are willing to spend the money to get it. That’s why over 70 phone models around the world are Qi enabled. Currently, most wireless power receivers are sold as stand-alone accessories (like a custom case that adds functionality in addition to protection). However, carriers like Verizon are specifying Qi in their phones, giving them a competitive advantage. Manufacturers have an opportunity to satisfy this demand by adopting the Qi wireless charging standard.

Qi cures battery anxiety and a charged phone is a more useful phone.

at airports

Low charge? Qi makes charging at airports easy and convenient

Installed in busy gate-hold areas and high-traffic retail and dining spaces at airports, wireless charging stations eliminate the hunt for hidden AC outlets. These new stations have multiple wireless charging spots that allow mobile Qi-compatible devices to be charged without cords.

The charging stations transform airport downtime from a hassle to a convenience. In addition to powering up before the plane ride, travelers will no longer have to worry about losing power on long plane trips. There will be no need for hazardous cords stretching across the already cramped spaces. 

There are now FAA approved Qi chargers. Just as Qi charging is bringing the utility of the smartphone into the car, it is also bringing valuable functionality to air travel.

in public venues

From shopping malls to sports stadiums, Qi cures battery anxiety

Battery anxiety is that feeling we all get as our phone’s fuel gauge starts to drop. Battery anxiety keeps us from taking that picture, doing that web search or even making that call we otherwise would have made. From bus stops to shopping malls, wireless charging in public venues means we won’t have to worry about taking our chargers with us or losing a battery charge.

When Qi wireless chargers are located where we need them -- home, transportation, our workplace, cafés, hotels and public places -- we will be able to forget about battery anxiety.  Instead of gorging power in a panic, we will sip power just to keep topped-up.

in offices

With Qi in offices, you can take clumsy, corded charging off the table.

Many leading companies like Facebook, Google, Texas Instruments, Verizon have deployed Qi chargers in corporate meeting rooms. Described as the most sustainable office building in the world, Deloitte’s state-of-the-art building in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has all of its office desks outfitted with Qi wireless chargers from ZENS.

By putting wireless charging in tables, desks and office spaces, employees can charge their devices anywhere and don’t have to be interrupted during meetings due to their battery losing charge. With the increased power extension to the Qi charging standard, the charging area will soon accommodate laptop computers as well.

In addition to saving time in meetings fumbling for the power cord, office-based wireless charging requires minimal remodeling costs, offers easy-access power source in all rooms and spaces, and minimizes the appearance of unsightly cords for a more organized workspace.

Many new offices enable people to control their environment through the use of mobile phone apps. Controlling lights, HVAC and AV systems in this way is convenient as long as your phone is charged.







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